Knock Off Gucci Cannot Compare to Genuine Gucci

Replica Gucci handbags and replica Gucci wallets are not just illegal; they can also be very damaging to you, your community and the world.

The truth is counterfeiting is anything but a victimless crime. There are often serious consequences associated with counterfeit operations, and even one purchase of a replica Gucci bag has repercussions that span the globe.

This website has been established to detail some of these repercussions. Continue reading to learn about fake Gucci bags and the harm they can cause to you and others. Arming yourself, and becoming a smart, vigilant consumer, will give you the means to make the best decisions when it comes to buying all of your luxury goods.

Economic aftermath of Buying Knock off Gucci

You have probably read that buying knock off Gucci bags have huge economic ramifications and brushed it off as nothing but hogwash. Well, it is not. Read on and you’ll understand why.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

How does a FDI help a country’s economy? Whether yours is a developing or a developed country, here are the benefits of FDI

  • Technology spill over
  • Trade integration with other countries
  • Augmentation of enterprise development
  • Creation of a competitive business setting
  • Why would anyone want to invest in a country where people openly flaunt the law by buying knock off Gucci bags? In most countries, both buying and selling counterfeits is a criminal offence. You may not have realized how seriously something as simple as buying a knock off Gucci will affect your country. Now that you have, stop buying and make your friends understand, how buying these replicas affects the economy.

    Knock off Gucci and Tax

    Counterfeiters give themselves a tax holiday. This directly affects the financial health of your country. The government utilizes tax money for the welfare measures. When you refrain from buying knock off Gucci bags and instead buy something from an honest tax-paying trader, you contribute to the well-being of your country and community.